Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions emerge after skier dies, husband saved

A family photo obtained by The Globe and Mail shows Marie-Josee Fortin, left, and Gilles Blackburn, right, with their son's girlfriend Amelie Jeanneau, second left, their son William Blackburn and their daughter Laurence Blackburn.

From CTV:

The RCMP will hold a news conference today to address questions about why it took nine days to rescue a Montreal-area couple stranded and dying in B.C.'s backcountry.

Gilles Blackburn, 51, and his wife Marie-Josee Fortin, 44, were lost for nine days near Golden, B.C. Blackburn was finally rescued Tuesday, but his wife had already died, presumably from exposure.

The couple went missing Feb. 15 while skiing out of bounds in rocky terrain at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. For days, they walked around the forest, leaving a trail of S.O.S. signals on the snow with their footprints and seeking shelter in tree wells.

While three of their S.O.S

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