Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mass Arraignments In Gang Raids

Police load suspects onto a jail bus in Montreal. 41 people were arraigned on a variety of charges in a mass gang roundup. (Feb. 13, 2009)

From CTV News:

A total of 41 people in Montreal were arraigned Friday morning by video conference following massive raids on street gangs and bikers.

By Thursday night, Police had announced 47 arrests but Crown prosecutors told reporters Friday that 41 people were arraigned and six people are still at large.

A total of 54 arrests had been made as of Friday evening.

Eighteen of the accused were set free on bail on a promise to appear later. Among those charged are the father of a police officer, a former Olympic weightlifter as well as a onetime associate of Hells Angels boss Maurice (Mom) Boucher.

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Update: Olympian, officer's dad charged in cocaine-trafficking ring -- CBC News

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