Monday, August 24, 2009

Crippling Private Schools Won't Help Public Ones -- A Commentary

Selwyn House

From The Montreal Gazette:

Quebec's school boards, making no progress against a brutal drop-out rate, have chosen to attack the flourishing private-school sector.

Josée Bouchard of Alma, new president of the Quebec Federation of School Boards, told the Journal de Montréal this week that she is concerned about growing private-school enrolment, saying parents think "it's part of the image of success to send your child to private school." She wants Quebec to freeze its subsidies to private schools, and abolish them within five or ten years.

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My Comment: I agree with this commentary. Instead of cleaning up their own house .... they blame others. I was in the public school system .... but my kids are going to end up in a private institution. I would be negligent in my responsibility as a parent to put them in the zoos that now call themselves schools.

As to the call to cut off subsidies to private schools .... I am a tax payer and so are the parents who send their kids to private schools. To treat us differently is moral and ethically wrong.

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