Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mulroney Addresses Spat In Tory Ranks, Urges Unity

From The CTV:

Montreal — Brian Mulroney has made his first public comments about a high-profile rift that emerged in the Conservative party -- and he's urging party unity.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, the former prime minister said Conservatives needed to put recent differences aside and stick together.

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My Comment: Former PM Mulroney does not get it. His act of introducing the GST for paying down his uncontrollable spending and the deficits during his term has made him political poison in the minds of many Canadians. For myself .... I will never forgive him for the impact that his taxes and regulations had on me.

Good riddance is what I say .... and thank God PM Harper has flushed him (deservedly so) down a toilet.

As to the rift .... it is a rift of a few dozen Mulroney cronies and the entire Conservative Party. I side with the Conservative Party.

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