Friday, August 28, 2009

Will Ottawa Cede Veterans Hospitals To The Province?

Canadian forces veteran Fernand Léveillé (L) gets handed a bowling ball by volunteer Terrence Jones during a bowling session for veterans at the Ste. Anne's hospital for veterans in Ste. Anne de Bellevue near Montreal Monday, March 23, 2009. The session is one of many activities organised by the liason centre at the hospital, which offers many services to vets who do not live at the hospital. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, The Gazette

Veterans' Families Lash Out -- Montreal Gazette

Ste. Anne's hospital; They fear care will suffer if Ottawa cedes control.

They fought for their country in the Second World War and survived.

Claude Renaud, 86, was an air force navigator. Marvin Silver, 86, was a Spitfire pilot.

Both are ill, and their families are happy with the way they're treated at Ste. Anne's Hospital, the veterans' facility in Ste. Anne de Bellevue that houses 415 elderly soldiers.

But now that Ottawa has opened exploratory talks with Quebec on transferring what is the last of Canada's veterans hospitals to provincial control, the families are worried.

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My Comment: I do not blame the veterans for being concerned. Provincial care is different, and will not compare with what the Feds can offer. In my fathers case, my biggest beef with the Provincial system was that he was often treated in a French environment even though he could not speak the language. As a stroke victim .... he always had trouble communicating his wishes as well as his needs. I am not sure, but I would bet that many of these veterans are English .... and they do not want to be put into the French system. But even if they were French .... as I said .... the Fed system is vastly superior to the Provincial one.

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