Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Protesters Tell Montreal To Change Street Name Honouring British General

A view down Amherst St. from the southwest corner of Lafontaine Park.
Photograph by: Richard Arless, Montreal Gazette

From The Canadian Press:

MONTREAL — Protesters in Montreal are calling on the city to yank the name of a controversial British general from its street signs.

About a dozen demonstrators gathered in front of city hall Monday to demand that politicians change the name of Amherst Street, which honours Jeffery Amherst.

They waved Quebec flags and chanted "Amherst criminal" and "Amherst murderer" in front of city hall.

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Update: Tremblay name change for Amherst St. -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: people have way too much time on hand to be bothered by this. For one .... Amherst is a very small street. Two .... there were a lot of French Generals who treated the Indians far worse .... and they have streets named for them all over.

Lets face it .... this is just a dispute about language.

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