Friday, August 21, 2009

Mayors To Ask Quebec To Fund Massive Metro Extension

From CTV News:

The mayors of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil will sign a deal later this month to ask Quebec to pay for a $3 billion, 20-kilometre extension of the metro network, a source familiar with the proposal tells

The project would see the orange line looped through Laval from Montmorency station to Cote Vertu station. The blue line would be pushed further east into Anjou while the yellow line would be extended deeper into Longueuil's dense urban neighbourhoods.

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My Comment: How about improving our roads and existing bus service, instead of improving Laval's and Longueuil's public transportation service. We are subsidizing Laval's use of the metro already .... why increase this obligation.

In addition, who believes in the $3 billion dollar figure. It is a guarantee that it will be higher .... much higher .... and in today's budget shortfalls and deficits the money should go somewhere else.

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