Friday, August 21, 2009

Montreal Mystery Ads Pique Curiosity

Mysterious new ads appearing on billboards are promoting a documentary series to be aired on French-language specialty channel Canal D. They show a woman accompanied by the word “murderer” or a man under the word “pedophile.” But the billboards do not mention what they are advertising. Next week, the Canal D logo will appear, along with the word “erratum” over the words “pedophile” and “murderer.” The documentary series will profile several Canadians who have been wrongly accused of serious crimes. Photograph by: Courtesy Canal D, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL – Are there murderers and pedophiles on the loose in Montreal?

That’s what you might be led to believe based on a series of billboards popping up across the city depicting a woman and a man with those labels splashed across their smiling faces.

The mysterious images, which are each actually composites of several faces, are in fact advertisements promoting a new documentary series set to air on French-language specialty channel Canal D. The series will focus on Canadians falsely accused of serious crimes.

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