Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hugh Haugland Killed In Mont Laurier Helicopter Crash

Hugh Haugland (right), seen here with his father, Bill, was killed in a helicopter crash in Mont Laurier Wednesday morning. Haugland, a cameraman for CTV, was shooting images of the aftermath of a tornado that tore through the Laurentian town about 225 kilometres northwest of Montreal. Photograph by: Courtesy CTV, Courtesy CTV

From The Montreal Gazette:

CTV national cameraman Hugh Haugland filmed an immense wave of water crashing down a valley during the 1996 flooding of the Saguenay region to capture a house being swept off a cliff.

“The wave was coming right at him, and actually cutting pieces of the ground out from under him on the cliff face where he was standing,” said his father, former CTV anchor Bill Haugland, a staple of Montreal evening newscasts for almost 30 years. “And he backed up and kept shooting, and got an award-winning shot. That’s the kind of cameraman he was.”

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Update: Condolences for the Haugland and Belanger families -- CTV

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