Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Montreal, a Tennis Lounge Above All Others

In between matches at the Rogers Cup, tennis players retreat to the players’ lounge. Graham Hughes for The New York Times, via Associated Press

From The New York Times:

MONTREAL — During a rain delay here earlier this week, the players’ lounge at the Rogers Cup buzzed with activity — some relaxed, some hurried — as the competition moved inside.

There was Rafael Nadal, reclining on a couch with his shoeless feet propped on a table, holding court with his entourage in Spanish. There was Tony Godsick, the senior vice president of IMG Tennis and the agent to Roger Federer, sipping an espresso.

Inside this elite tennis bubble, away from the thousands of fans in the stands beyond its doors, players spoke French, Russian or English, ate doughnuts, read newspapers, argued politics, napped on couches and checked their e-mail. They left their tennis bags strewn about, separating their on-court jobs from their off-court downtime at the entryway.

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