Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is Hockey's Popularity Waning In Canada?

From CTV:

It may seem as unlikely as Canadians suddenly giving up their Double Double habit, but a new study says hockey's popularity is waning in the Great White North.

Reginald Bibby, a prominent sociologist at the University of Lethbridge and author of "The Emerging Millennials," says hockey is losing popularity in all age groups.

"Contrary to the beliefs of Canadian observers . . . interest in the National Hockey League has actually dropped," he told Canada AM. "It's just not a matter that there is a drop off with teens, we're seeing the same thing with adults."

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My Comment: It is a business now .... and the hockey players have a vested interest in making sure that the bottom line produces for them. The enthusiasm and excitement of the game started to die in the 1980s .... to we have what we have today.

Give me U.S. college football, the Olympics, the World Cup .... but NHL hockey .... nope.

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