Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Buses On The Road In Montreal

People look inside Montreal's first articulated bus Tuesday, August 11, 2009 behind Montreal city hall. The bus was 'unveiled' at a press conference afterwards. A total of 202 of the low-floor articulated buses will be purchased by the city. Photograph by: John Kenney, The Gazette

Accordion Buses In Tune With City's Transit Needs -- CTV

The future of public transit rolled in to Montreal Tuesday.

Articulated buses - or accordion buses - will hit some of Montreal busiest bus routes in November. They're part of a three-year, $182-million project that will introduce 200 new buses to Montreal roads.

"People are going to see three things: more buses, larger buses with more capacity, and more efficient buses," said Marvin Rotrand, vice-president of the Montreal Transit Corporation.

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Update #1: New fleet of articulated buses hits Montreal streets -- Montreal Gazette

Update #2: The Montreal Transit Corporation is getting bent...buses. -- CJAD

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