Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Centre Aims To Make A Difference

Dan Philip, president of La Ligue des Noirs du Québec, pauses at a press conference in Montreal Nord on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. La Ligue des Noirs du Québec and the Centre de Recherche et de Culture de la Communauté Noire announced on wednesday a new project for Montréal Nord. Photograph by: Dario Ayala, Montreal Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

Montreal North; 'To help youths in this area on every level'.

Two advocacy groups for the Montreal area's black community hope a service centre they opened yesterday in Montreal North will help local youths deal with issues like street gang activity and drugs.

The Black Coalition of Quebec and the Centre de Recherche et de Culture de la Communauté Noire, based in St. Hubert, opened the bureau on Henri Bourassa Blvd. E.

"We are establishing an office here to attempt to find a solution for the socio-economic problems that affect this neighbourhood," the Coalition said in a statement.

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My Comment: This is just a stopgap measures that never work in the end. The focus should be on educating couples that becoming a single mom is not the way to go. The long term cost and difficulties with children who grow up in such an environment has been too well documented in the states .... and putting up a small service center with a basketball court in the back is not going to cut it.

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