Thursday, August 13, 2009

State Of Health Care In Quebec: 3 Examples

Montreal General Hospital

Big Isotope Bills Pile Up For Hospitals -- CBC

Canadian doctors opened their mail last week and found bills up to $30,000 higher than usual from isotope suppliers who have come to collect after hiking their prices in the spring.

The higher costs came about the same time Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. shut down its aging reactor at Chalk River, Ont., sparking a worldwide medical isotope shortage.

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Four Die In Sorel Hospital After C Difficile Outbreak -- CTV

Four people at Sacre Coeur Hospital in Sorel have died in the past two months following a C. difficile outbreak, said hospital officials.

While officials can't confirm C. difficile was the cause of their deaths, it was certainly a contributing factor, say doctors in the hospital, 85 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

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New Shriners Hospital On Hold -- Montreal Gazette

Money woes; Construction won't start 'until economy turns around'

Construction of a new Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal has been "put on hold" as the fraternal organization struggles with a multibillion-dollar drop in its endowment fund, The Gazette has learned.

Gene Bracewell, the long-time imperial treasurer of the Shriners, said yesterday the organization is under pressure to cut costs and as a result does not foresee any new construction.

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