Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Toronto View Of What Are The Great Spots In Montreal

Distinctive Montreal flavours include spruce beer, a non-alcoholic (acquired) taste, and banana and chocolate beignets at The Sparrow. HANNAH SUNG PHOTO

Reconnecting With An Old Acquaintance -- Toronto Star

There's still plenty to discover, (even if you think you've seen it all).

MONTREAL–Fellow Torontonian, you think you know Montreal, our prettier Quebecois cousin.

In Grade 7, high on sugar and souvenirs, you wreaked havoc on Old Montreal with your French Immersion class.

In university, you sped along the 401, sleeping bags crammed in the back, for weekends in the Plateau with friends.

Now you pass through on business trips, staying at tall chain hotels along Sherbrooke or Ste. Catherine.

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