Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bill 34 Threatens Morgentaler Abortion Clinic

The operating room at Montreal's Morgentaler clinic. Opened in 1969, Canada's first abortion clinic might have to shut down as early as next month because of new Bill 34 guidelines. Photograph by: Dave Sidaway, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

Hospitals and CLSCs would step in: agency.

MONTREAL – Opened illegally in Montreal in 1969, Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s first abortion clinic could shut down as early as next month.

The threat of closing is not coming from anti-abortion protesters, who have targeted the clinic for 40 years, but from a Quebec law that will govern how special medical clinics provide services.

“It’s terribly sad. We still have to fight,” physician Francine Léger, the clinic’s interim director, said Monday.

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Update: New abortion law may force closure of private clinics -- CTV

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