Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quebec Is Home To The World’s First Dark Night Sky Reserve

The Mont Mégantic Observatory. Photograph by: Handout photo, Mathieu Dupuis, Parc national du Mont-Magantic

From The Montreal Gazette:

I wish I could blast off in a rocketship and orbit the Earth. I’d write about it for The Gazette. It would be a turbo-charged sort of Short Hop series. I’d call it Short Thrusts. Sort of like the one that Guy Laliberté, Quebec’s first space tourist, will be undertaking in the fall.

The Cirque du Soleil founder is gearing up for a September blast-off with the next Soyuz mission. Sigh! Some guys got all the luck, not to mention money.

Me, I had to settle for a bumpy ride last in a school bus to the highest elevation you can get to in Quebec inside a motor vehicle.

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