Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quebec Tornado Strongest In 15 years

An image of the funnel cloud taken from amateur video shot near Mont Laurier, Que.

From The CBC:

Mont-Laurier was savaged Tuesday by the strongest tornado to hit Quebec since the one that destroyed more than 400 homes in Aylmer on the same date in 1994, according to Environment Canada.

Tuesday's tornado was likely an F2 on the Fujita scale used to measure a tornado's intensity, said Environment Canada meteorologist René Héroux.

He said winds would have had to be higher than 180 km/h to do the kind of damage he saw when he toured the town 180 kilometres north of Ottawa on Wednesday morning.

"We don't see that every year. We have to go back to 1994 in Aylmer," Héroux said.

The Aylmer tornado, Aug. 4, 1994, was rated an F3.

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Update: Repairs begin after tornado damages Laurentian town -- CTV

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