Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tornado Strongest In Quebec Since '94

Anick Langellier and her husband Nick Langellier help clean up the damage a day after a tornado stormed through Mont-Laurier, QC. Photograph by: Jean Levac, Ottawa Citizen

From The Montreal Gazette:

The tornado that slammed into Mont Laurier on Tuesday was the strongest in Quebec since an Aylmer tornado on Aug. 4, 1994, according to Environment Canada severe weather expert René Héroux.

The storm produced winds of 180 to 250 kilometres an hour for less than a minute at about 2:30 p.m., ripping the roofs off more than 20 houses, sucking out the contents and depositing debris more than a kilometre away.

"It is total devastation here because when the roofs fly off, the debris is spread all over the place," Héroux said. "It is amazing to see how far things have spread.

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